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Looking for hassle-free service? Speedy Junk Removal has a simple junk removal process!


Upfront Quotes

To receive an estimate, call or text our team at 916-798-7917. We are open from 5am-7pm every day.

Easy Booking

After an estimate is provided, we will place you in a schedule at a time slot that works best for you!

We Arrive Ready

We’ll have two licensed professionals as well as the equipment to safely get the job done.

We Take Your Junk

Once the price is finalized on site, we remove the agreed upon items.


Speedy Junk Removal is a full service business, which means you get to skip the heavy lifting. We will remove debris from anywhere on your property or business.


We make the payment process easy by accepting Cards, Cash, and Venmo.

A messy garage full of items ready for the Junk Force team to clean out

Hauling in the Greater Sacramento Area

Speedy Junk Removal is there for you when you need fast and friendly service! Our junk removal process has streamlined your appointment, meaning we get it done quickly and you can get back to your regularly scheduled programming in no time. Here’s how it works:

  • Get a quote. Upon our arrival, we’ll check out the junk you need us to haul away or let us know the structure you need us to removed. Then, we’ll provide you with an upfront quote for your approval.
  • Watch us haul. Next, we’ll start doing what we do best. It won’t be long before all your unwanted junk is loaded up in our truck! Once we’re done with that, we’ll double-check to make sure we got everything and we’ll even sweep the floors.
  • Settle up. Lastly, we’ll ask you to pay your dues. Once that’s done, we’ll drive away with your junk in tow. From there, we’ll recycle and donate what we can, then properly dispose of the rest. Thanks for doing business with us!

Junk Removal

by a Local Business

If you’d rather choose a local business than a franchise, then you’re in luck. Speedy Junk Removal is locally owned and operated right here in Sacramento, CA, and we’d like to provide you with services that outshine what our competition has to offer.

  • Dependable. Our junk removal services range from appliance removal to cleanouts to hot tub removal. There are so many ways we can help you out, so take a look for yourself. If you’ve got junk, we’ll be there to haul it!
  • Community-oriented. We love the Greater Sacramento Area, and that’s why it’s important to us that we do a great job for our clients. See all of our service areas and check if your city is within our reach. We’d love to arrange an appointment with you.
  • Fast and friendly. You can count on our timely appearance during the 2-hour arrival window. Once we make it, you’ll be greeted by a positive-minded team wearing neat, matching uniforms. It’s a professional look that we’re proud of.

Speedy Junk Removal

Eco-Friendly Junk Removal

We want to be friendly to our environment and our planet, too. That’s why we take on the responsibility of reducing as much needless waste as possible.

  • Donations are a great way to pass along your lightly used junk items, such as furniture and other household items.
  • Recycling also helps us reduce our trips to the dump. We recycle your appliances, electronics, and any other applicable materials.
  • Proper disposal is what awaits anything we couldn’t donate or recycle. We take the proper steps to get rid of the rest responsibly.

Want to book fast, friendly, and environmentally conscious junk removal services? Then contact us online or call us at 916-798-7917 today.

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